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Why take my brand to Pinterest?

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Pins, boards, and lots of inspiration. These three features give Pinterest the plus you need and make a difference in bringing your brand to this social network.

A non-typical platform that definitely will help different users to discover your brand. Users don’t have the option to interact with you directly. Still, they have the opportunity to save what interests them about your business for when they are ready to buy.

An effective digital business strategy is being listed on multiple platforms. Currently, the most used to achieve this is Facebook. Even though Pinterest seems not to have the same popularity, it appears in second place in purchase decision influence according to studies conducted in the United States.

If these reasons are not enough, here are some other facts about why Pinterest is your best option in marketing strategy.

1. Drive traffic to your e-commerce site.

 Pinterest has particular requirements for the sales process. Make sure they all lead to your website.

2. The perfect ally.

If you use it with other social networks, it will help you expand the reach of your posts.

3. A total trend

Keeping up with trends, you’ll be able to increase your brand visibility.

4. A most human brand

Integrating more informal content as the behind-the-scenes or your company’s day-to-day will humanize your brand and show a more creative side.

5. More about your potential audience.

You’ll know the fundamental interests of your target audience to position your products based on audience trends.

As a funny fact, thousands of people decide what to buy thanks to what they have saved on Pinterest.

Check out our success story with Tisha Shoes here.

These are the tips you need to make your brand stand out:

  • Be consistent with your pins. Add one a day at least to be constantly appearing on users’ homepage.
  • Create content visually attractive. Remember Pinterest is visual, and you need to be an inspiring brand for your public.
  • Keywords are the key here. You will appear in the search engine faster by creating striking texts that include them.
  • Try Pinterest ads. Well-targeted ads will make you be on the dashboard of your potential customers.

Do not forget that users are looking for information on the topics that interest them the most and then use it to make purchases. It will be significantly influenced by the information you have linked to your pins.

We are sure that with these tips and a well-implemented strategy, you’ll be able to get the most out of the platform!


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