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In October 2019, KLEOS was born with the philosophy of creating and consuming ethical Mexican fashion. 💘✨ Its founders, Julia and Loreto, have grown their brand through collections with unique designs and prints and a friendly and close social media strategy.

We started working on their newsletter strategy with them in February of this year to achieve a boost in sales from their launch of the Self Love Season 2 collection.💓

If you still don’t know the importance of this strategy, check out our blog post here.  

✨ KLEOS met the requirements for this strategy to work 100%.✨

  • Healthy and curated database
  • Accessible purchase ticket
  • A database of +2,000 contacts

Compared to the last newsletter sent in December, the first one we sent in February had a sales increase of 940.1%.🔝

Considering that we sent both newsletters at the launch of a collection, the second one’s results were outstanding and motivating.

How did we achieve this?🤔

  • Through calls to action on social networks, we promote the subscription to the newsletter, promoting special discounts and privileged information for the community.
  • We proposed the strategy of making an exclusive pre-sale for the newsletter community.
  • We use urgency-based language for a short time leading to a temporary celebration like Valentine’s Day.

We must confess that this is one of our favorite strategies because it has an extensive conversion window, and you can cover all types of audiences.🤓

Would you  like into integrate newsletters to your digital strategy?

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