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8 Social Media trends that say here! in 2022

We are only 18 days into the year, and the trends that will be making a presence on the dance floor of the digital world have already been declared. If you have a brand or are a content creator, what you are about to read will change your life.

1. Creator Marketplace

First of all, several social networks, such as Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn have already decided to add the section on collaborations between content creators and brands directly through the platform to their homepages.

2. Social Commerce

You discover the product, click and buy. That’s how social commerce works, and brands know that joining this represents lots and lots of sales. Many brands announce their products on Instagram because it’s the most suitable platform to make purchases.

3. Short-form vertical videos

Since the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels, brands present their products or services through these quick videos that make it easier for users to capture the most critical aspects of the brand.

4. Memes and astrology

Each time, it’s becoming more common to see memes about astrology. It is one of the most vital points of content, so using it is definitely among the trends of 2022.

5. Payment per post

That’s right, but not just with influencers. Many businesses choose to give away their products or services to their most loyal customers in exchange for mentions on their social networks. The result? Constant sold-outs and visibility between people with similar interests.

6. LinkedIn

Until a few months ago, LinkedIn was seen as a 100% work platform. The truth is that since the arrival of the home office, many users realized that having their profile up to date is extremely necessary to grow their brand.

7. Spontaneous feed

The curation of perfect content and posts was left behind. The bet for 2022 is no-filter random posts.

8. TikTok

The TikTok boom started just for fun during the confinement but incorporating this platform into the digital strategy has made brands more casual and experimental with their content.

If you want your brand to stand out this 2022, identify the trends that fit best with your brand and give it the plus it needs.

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