We increased the opening percentage in their newsletters from 10% to 27%.

Olascoaga is an NGO working to enable ecosystems that allow women’s leadership to emerge, mature, and endure. 👭

We started working with them in November 2021 on their newsletter strategy.📨 They reached out to us with the idea of increasing the opening percentage of their newsletters since, previously, this was approximately 10%.

Newsletter opening percentage depends on the item and especially the size of the database. However, a healthy opening percentage is 20%, and a very successful one is 40%.

In the beginning, we focused on cleaning the database to make sure that our emails didn’t reach people who didn’t wish to receive them.🧹🪣 By doing this, the database noticeably decreased in quantity. However, it’s always more important to have quality than quantity when discussing databases. 📈

Afterward, we focused on:

✅ Improving the design.
✅ Summarizing the information.
✅ Placing visible and clear headers for those who don’t read the paragraphs.
✅ Add visible and clear calls to action to increase clicks.

Having made these adjustments, we increased the opening percentage to an average of 27% in the following month.

It’s always a pleasure to work with such an incredible social company as Olascoaga. Besides, it is always easier to achieve the objectives when the client comes to us with a clear and measurable goal. 😉

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