Discover some of the results we have achieved by working hand in hand with companies in Mexico and the United States.

We started working with Olascoaga in November 2021 on their newsletter strategy.📨 They reached out to us with the idea of increasing the opening percentage of their newsletters since, previously, this was approximately 10%. Read More →

We worked with ten micro and macro-influencers in Texas, Nevada, California, and Arizona to invite their followers to get free mammograms. We reached more than 55,400 Latinas between the ages of 35 and 55 through paid advertising. Read More →

We’ve been working with BrickWalling since 2019, a real estate management firm located in Nuevo León, Mexico City, and Texas. Read More. →

In October 2019, KLEOS was born with the philosophy of creating and consuming ethical Mexican fashion. 💘✨ Its founders, Julia and Loreto, have grown their brand through collections with unique designs and prints and a friendly and close social media strategy. Read More. →

Tisha Shoes is a Mexican footwear brand in trend and accessible prices. 👠👢👟 It was just founded in April 2020. Since then, it has had a fast growth in its social networks thanks to its incredible tact to create community and get on the best trends of each new season. Read More. →

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