Up to 39 ROAS with Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest Ads strategy.  

From zero to hero! ✨

Tisha Shoes is a Mexican footwear brand in trend and accessible prices. 👠👢👟 It was just founded in April 2020. Since then, it has had a fast growth in its social networks thanks to its incredible tact to create community and get on the best trends of each new season.

We have been working on their Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ads for over a year. From the beginning, we have been involved with the founder to make sure that the marketing foundations of the brand were solid. 🌱


This brand always had a great potential to win🔥 since:

✅ It has direct customer service (B2C).
✅ It has affordable prices (the purchase decision time is not long).
✅ Their online store is built on Shopify.
✅ It has an outstanding engagement on its social networks. 
✅ They have spent time and budget building their database in Mailchimp. 
✅ It has different payment methods, including Kueski Pay. 
✅ They manage trending products.

With these characteristics, the ground is prepared for our online advertising to be successful and has allowed us to achieve with their ads account with up to 39 ROAS. 🤩 This means that the amount invested has been multiplied by this number. 💸

In 2021, our best month was November, when $3,500 was invested in Facebook and Instagram ads, and we obtained a purchase conversion value of $138,875.53 MXN.🤑 

That same month, we invested MXN $1,352.23 in Pinterest, and we obtained a purchase conversion value of $35,753.20.

Tisha has shown us that you don’t need to be a brand with a long history to achieve incredible results. 💪

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